3D Laser Surveys provides reliable, accurate measurements for complex industrial as-built and plant environments.

High-definition scanning is perfect for your complex environment. Whether it is the inside of a paper mill, car manufacturing facility, utility tunnel, airport or bottling production facility, scans are quick, accurate, and highly detailed.

AutoCAD drawings and 3D computer models are produced from the scanned data, enabling engineers, architects and designers access to 360° interactive high resolution images.

Designs can be checked prior to construction and the manufacturing of parts. This results in the elimination of unknowns in the construction process, which ultimately saves both time and money on the installation.

With 3D Laser Surveys you can:

  • Check design prior to construction.
  • Verify the design prior to manufacturing the parts.
  • Save both time and money on the installation.
  • Ensure designs fit into the required space.
  • Identify clash interference between design elements and actual structures.
  • Utilize free software or AutoCAD and MicroStation.
  • Pay for cost of laser scan with reduced construction costs and reworks.

*Note that all videos are not the work of 3D Laser Surveys