3D Laser Surveying – The New Industry Standard

High-definition scanning or 3D laser surveying, is quickly becoming the new industry standard when it comes to making precise measurements in complicated environments.

In addition to providing accurate spatial information to civil engineers, plant designers, architects and contractors, laser scanning saves both time and money by eliminating costly return visits and reducing the need for construction reworks.

Accurate Information to Complete the Job

Once a site is scanned and processed, engineers and analysts can check and re-check engineering quality data on a desktop computer from any location. A complete 3D model of existing conditions can be created from multiple “scan” setups and used to verify designs prior to manufacturing and construction, as well as to identify clash interference between design elements and actual structures.

At 3D Laser Surveys, we understand that complex engineering and architectural projects require complex tools. Our 3D laser scanning technology provides you with the accurate information you need to complete the job on time and within budget.

Nationally Recognized

Our experienced surveyors are nationally recognized and we handle projects of all sizes, anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to learn how 3D Laser Surveys can help you with your next high definition scanning project.