In addition to gathering data faster and more accurately than traditional surveying methods, 3D laser surveying also cuts surveying costs by reducing the amount of time required to survey and model data.

With 3D Laser Surveys, scan results can be quickly and easily shared between architects, engineers and construction companies in computerized data models before design problems enter the building phase, causing expensive reworks.

Civil, structural and plant engineers are able to work with real-world conditions for any project – from the survey, construction and maintenance of roads and highways to the planning and design of airports, stadiums, tunnels, bridges and more.

3D laser scans are generated in AutoCAD, MicrosStation and CAiCE and provide accurate building and site modeling that includes clash control for piping and early measurement and verification of foundation structure.

With 3D Laser Surveys, you can:

  • Yield precise data in a shorter period of time.
  • Reduced the time required for surveying.
  • Reduce errors and cost.
  • Ensure projects stay on schedule and under budget.
  • Obtain precise spatial information for reverse engineering.
  • Scan parts for design and manufacturing defects.
  • Verify construction adherence to engineering specifications.
  • Aid with environmental engineering.
  • Produce animation inside and outside 3D scans.

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